Well, it all started way back many years ago. Stangnet had a discussion board for off topic stuff. As a result of the popularity of talking about politics, a site called Talkin' Politics was started by Manu and TurboStang. This morphed into DiscussAnything.

Here are a couple of very tentative chapter titles.

1. The early daze - Mustang enthusiasts who enjoy a lively debate head over looking for some fair and balanced moderation.

2. Fun debates and discussion turns deadly - Not everyone survives

3. Spies, lies, but no videotape - Political discussions invariably turn to sex

4. Flying the friendly skies to get ass - Two dudes felt compelled to be TEMPTED and Manu called FOUL!

5. Civil strife as founders position themselves for power plays - People temp banned, anger ensues

6. Full rebellion ensues, many casualties - People perma-banned, all hell breaks loose

7. Land of the misfit toys #1, #2 and finally DebateAnything - The psychosis deepens

8. Invasion of the Canadian, supernerds (crisis as to whether or not every registered user should be banned or not) - they learn about WWII from books because their fathers were pussies who did not fight the big one.

9. Snouter challenges all cumers to chessgames - Repeated and ruthlessly defeats ResidentRice over and over.

10. Cowpunk begins his charade - Snouter smells a rat

11.Cowpunk hoax exposed by Snouter - Humiliated people flee to Debateanything in embarrassment. Snouter is convinced Cyclone Ranger is Cowpunk.

12. Aztec super-boarder invades and gains control of the DA carcass and has his way with it

Maybe there is a better to do an overview of the DRAMATICATIONS.

Powerboss's input is important. Powerboss had noteworthy feuds with certain Discussanythingers. After being banned he managed to get them to do battle at his own discussion board, FaDeThEBuTcHeR's site in The Hell forum, and currently as ToeJam on Discussanything.

A particular retard who felt compelled to email Snouter incoherent insults was aberdeen2. Some famous contributors who were banned because they did not conform to the silly rules of the site include the legendary robb sneak, and the creative Jeff S. Crump is allegely a Jeff S. sock account but this is unconfirmed

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