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Caddis is one of the more controversial figures on DA. He has had many accounts over the years, almost all of which have been banned at some point by Kraw or other administrators. Despite expressing a general hatred of the board and it's staff, Caddis continues to create accounts and participate in discussions. He has frequently found himself at odds with Corporate Avenger, Optimus, Truth Teller, Java Man, Guido, Monster, Geoffrey,and Manu. He is also a member of "The Other DA."

List of Caddis Accounts

A very incomplete list of former Caddis accounts.

  • Caddis
  • ZIIZ
  • Cirque
  • Hellgrammite
  • VaporTrails
  • Signals
  • HappyHunter22
  • Simplicity
  • Dacron50
  • TomSawyer

See Also

The Other DA

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